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Community Forest Plant Talk -- "This article continues the discussion of how to use the Washington Wildflowers App" read more...
The Land Above, Telalah, WA, June 2017, by Theresa Schuller

A Digital Guide to the Outdoors -- "Five apps that help navigate the outdoor experience without spoiling it" read more...
Flathead Beacon, Kalispell, MT, May 30, 2017, by Tristan Scott

You Can Find the Blooming Wildflowers in Yosemite National Park with this App -- "Interested in the wildflowers of Yosemite National Park? Now is the time to get the Yosemite Wildflower App." read more...
Sierra Sun-Times, May 24, 2017

Wildflowers are blooming in Yosemite thanks to our wet winter. Find them with this. -- "Yosemite National Park is blooming. Pretty wildflowers of all sorts are blossoming thanks to the heavy rainfall these past few months...." read more...
Fresno Bee, May 23, 2017, by BRYANT-JON ANTEOLA

Community Forest Plant Talk -- "How can you determine the name of a plant that’s in bloom along a beach, in a forest, a desert area or mountain meadow? The Washington Wildflowers app, created by High Country Apps, will help! It’s easy to use and has great photos and illustrations." read more...
The Land Above, Telalah, WA, May 2017, by Theresa Schuller

Best Outdoor Apps 2017: Top Industry Leaders -- "TOP APPS FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURERS: High Country Apps builds wildflower identification apps for some of America's greatest wilderness destinations." read more...
Credit Donkey, March 28, 2017

Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflowers App -- "Al Schneider’s popular Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflowers app ..." read more...
Aquilegia Newsletter of the Colorado Native Plant Society, Winter 2017

2016 by the Numbers -- "With 2017 nearly upon us, we thought that it would be a good time to look back at the accomplishments of the past year. " read more...
Pressing News - The University of Washington Herbarium Quarterly Newsletter, Winter 2016/2017

Our Floral Commons - Scientists and amateur botanists join forces in the Oregon Flora Project -- "Linda Hardison and her colleagues continued to turn the project into a comprehensive resource for the general public. In addition to ongoing development of the herbarium, they have produced an interactive web site, a book, and a popular wildflower app [Oregon Wildflowers]." read more...
Oregon Stater, Winter, 2017, OSU Alumni Association

Great Oregon gardening app points out native plants -- "If you want to learn which plants are native to the Willamette Valley, I suggest you get the Oregon Wildflowers app." read more...
Salem Statesman Journal, June 8, 2016, by Carol Savonen

Flora of Yellowstone -- "As an amateur botanist who bores my husband with plant names wherever we go..." read more...
Outside Bozeman, Spring 2016, by Debbie Drews

This Startup Puts a Wildflower Encyclopedia in Your Pocket -- "Whether you plan to hike the mountains of Yosemite National Park in California or take a nature walk through the Texas prairies..." read more...
The Institute - The IEEE News Source, Jan 18, 2016, by Monica Rozenfield

Yosemite Wildflowers App -- "A great new wildflower App for Yosemite is available for iPhone, iPad, or Android. The app provides images, descriptions, and interesting information for 584 plants that grow in Yosemite National Park with 2,700 images..." read more...
Natural History Wanderings, June 19, 2015, by Sandy Steinman

Washington Wildflowers -- "Bellingham photographer co-develops native plant identification app." read more...
Klipsun Magazine, June 8, 2015, by Ariana Rayment

Sunshine comes to Grand County at last: The Wildflower Report read more...
Sky-Hi News, June 2015, by Diana Lynn Rau

Farming and Agriculture Apps: Montana Grasses by High Country Apps read more..., Summer 2015

"Botanists Leap Into the Digital Age"
Public New Service, May 26, 2015

"BRIT’s Plant Identification App for North Texas Makes Plant ID Easier for Professional and Amateur Botanists" read more...
PR Web, May 20, 2015

"Arts writers’ picks: A flora of Texas app and more" read more ..., May 20, 2015

Texas: New App Makes Identifying Plants Easier -- "The Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) and High Country Apps have partnered to release a plant identification app for the Fort Worth Prairie Region called Flora of Texas: Fort Worth Prairie Region." read more ...
AgFax, May 18, 2015

"BRITs Plant Identification App for North Texas Makes Plant ID Easier for Professional and Amateur Botanists" read more..., May 18, 2015

Idaho Wildflower app from HighCountry Apps -- "In this age of technology our smart phones are being utilized more and more for practical purposes on the trail. You can download trail maps, track hikes with GPS, and take amazing print quality photos with them! They can be even be used as a portal reference library!" read more on page 8...
Idaho Trails Association, Summer Newsletter 2015

Mobile App Helps Identify Idaho Wildflowers -- "A new smartphone and tablet app, “Idaho Wildflowers,” is designed for people hitting the trails for wildflower hikes." read more...
Twin Falls Times-News, May 14, 2015

Oregon wildflower identification at your fingertips -- "Do you know the difference between a purple-eyed grasswidow and a clasping Venus’ looking glass? I download the Oregon Wildflowers app to find images, descriptions and range maps for these two beauties, as well as for nearly 1,000 additional wildflowers, shrubs and vines common in Oregon." read more...
Oregon State Parks, Your Parks Go Guide, May 8, 2015, by Beth Wilson

Blooms in full beauty: Take your pick from bouquet of sites, events and make the most of wildflowers’ charms -- "It’s early May and we’re half way through Wildflower Month in the Willamette Valley (officially April 17 through May 17), but fear not, there are blooms aplenty, real and rendered, if you know where to look." read more...
Eugene Register-Guard, by Shirley West, May 2, 2015

Smartphone field guide lets you stop, smell Idaho’s wildflowers -- "Most of the time when people are looking down at a screen outside, they’re oblivious to their surroundings. But just as possible is their use of technology to enjoy and connect with nature." read more...
Lewiston Morning Tribune, April 20, 2015, by Michelle Schmidt

"New app available to identify Montana grasses"
Bozone, April 16, 2015

Wildflower Apps Update -- "We are pleased to report that the Washington Trails Association selected our Washington Wildflowers app as one of the “Best Apps” for 2015." read more...
Pressing News - The University of Washington Herbarium Quarterly Newsletter, Spring, 2015

"Columbia gorge: Find peak wildflower blooms with these guides" read more...
Oregonian, by Terry Richard, March 22, 2015

"New Idaho Wildflower App!" read more on p.11 ...
Sage Notes, Newsletter of the Idaho Native Plant Society, March 2015

Best Outdoor Apps for 2015 -- "Looking to refresh your outdoor apps in the new year? Don't miss our list of Best Outdoor Apps for 2015. Some will help you identify wildflowers and birds; others will help you navigate your favorite trail. And a few just might save your life." read more...
Washington Trails Assocation, January 2, 2015, by HikerCass

"WTU and partners release new wildflower app" read more on p.3 ...
Pressing News, The University of Washington Herbarium (WTU) Quarterly Newsletter, January 1, 2015

"Schools Release new Idaho Wildflowers app"
The Argus Observer, December 30, 2014

"Discover Idaho’s Wildflowers with New App"
Daily Kos, December 30, 2014, by Book Bear

"Science and Technology: An App for Idaho Wildflowers"
Idaho Public Radio, December 27, 2014

"Discover Idaho's Wildflowers with New App"
University of Idaho News, December 22, 2014, by Tara Roberts

"ISU Idaho Museum of Natural History's Ray J. Davis Herbarium and Burke Museum Herbarium launch new wildflower app" read more...
Idaho State University Headlines, December 22, 2014

"Idaho Museum of Natural History’s Ray J. Davis Herbarium and Burke Museum Herbarium Launch New Wildflower App" read more...
Idaho Museum of Natural History, December 19, 2014

"A good field guide – or app – is a naturalist’s best friend" read more...
The Peninsula Gateway, December 3, 2014, by Frank Wright

"Need a tour guide this summer? Grab your phone" read more...
Casper Star Tribune, July 10, 2014, by Christine Peterson

"Flora of the Yellowstone Region: Mobile app puts identification of over 391 wildflowers, trees, and grasses at your fingertips" read more..., Summer, 2014

"Montana apps help ID flowers, navigate public lands"
Great Falls Tribune, June 26, 2014, by Erin Madison

"Yellowstone gateway businesses team up on a new app" read more...
Billings Gazette, June 22, 2014, by Eric Olsen

"There’s an old cliché about stopping to smell the roses, a widely used maxim whose sentiment, though cheapened like dime-store perfume through the years, remains basically intact – we must indulge these fleeting moments if we’re to enjoy life’s essence." read more...
Flathead Beacon, June 6, 2014, by Tristan Scott

"New app gives producers easy access to grass information while in the field..." read more...
Prairie Star, May 26, 2014

"New App Help Identifies Montana Grasses"
Farm Progress, May 15, 2014

"Don’t ever find yourself outside again wondering what kind of grass you’re looking at...." read more...
Bozeman Chronicle, May 11, 2014

"All the pretty flowers: Oregon app puts petals to the mettle. Have you ever been on an outdoor excursion in Oregon and wanted to know the name of the wildflowers around you? There's now an app for that thanks to a team of botanists at the Oregon Flora Project at Oregon State University." watch here...
KVAL News - Eugene, May 9, 2014

"Flower ID at your fingertips - An Oregon State University project blooms into an app to help identify thousands of Oregon wildflowers" read more...
Eugene Register-Guard, May 5, 2014

"MSU Announces a New App for Grasses"
Montana Weed Control Association, May 5, 2014

"Oregon wildflower app for smartphones"
OSU Tree Topics, April 29, 2014

"OSU develops flower-identifying app"
Portland Tribune, April 28, 2014

"Information about the Pacific Northwest's wide array of wildflowers is just a swipe away..." read more...
Prairie Star, April 25, 2014

"Wildflowers nearing peak at east end of Columbia River Gorge; here's how to find them" read more...
Oregonian, by Terry Richard, April 24, 2014

"OSU app brings wildflower identification to your fingertips"
Oregon State University Extension Service, April 23, 2014

"It's happened to probably every hiker somewhere along the trail. You're walking and a bright wildflower catches your eye. You've never seen it before — and you want to know more." read more...
Denver Post, January 18, 2014

"If you like to plant, grow, or learn about flowers, then check out our list of the best flower apps for your iPhone." read more..., January 7, 2014

Washington Trails Alliance Editor's Choice: "Check it out. The next time you're on trail and say, 'Hey, I wonder what that flower is?' just whip out your phone and find out. You'll probably catch me doing the same thing!" read more ...
Washington Trails Alliance, July/August 2013, by Eli Boschette, Editor

"Learn how to recognize these and other popular wildflowers -- and enter for your chance to win a free flower-recognition app from High Country Apps." read more...
Backpacker Magazine, August 2013 Issue

"Washington is blooming, and now there's an app that provides images and descriptions for more than 870 common wildflowers, shrubs, and vines found in Washington and adjacent areas of British Columbia, Idaho, and Oregon." read more...
Yahoo Travel, May 31, 2013, by Claudine Zap

"Hiking season in Utah starts about the same time as wildflower season, which is to say they’re both starting now. Apparently aware of this, High Country Apps has created 'Flora of the Wasatch' for your phone. " read more...
Salt Lake City Tribune, May 7, 2013, by Nate Carlisle

"Part of the allure of being outdoors in Colorado is the magnificent array of wildflowers found in the Rockies. With a new interactive app for smart phones and tablets, users easily can identify species while enjoying nature." read more...
Colorado Springs Gazette, May 2, 2013, by Leslie Massey

"The clear photos, illustrations, field descriptions, habitat and information on the plant’s ecology and cultural uses make this app one more reason to leave the guide book at home. The app also offers a search function: Enter a few key descriptors and the app identifies the plant for you." read more...
Grand Junction Sentinel, May 1, 2013, by Dave Buchanan

"Wildflower Resources: High Country Apps has developed Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflowers, an interactive app for your smartphone or tablet. " read more...
Fort Collins Coloradoan, April 27, 2013, by Miles Blumhardt

"Washington Wildflowers Smartphone App"
Pacific Northwest Flowers, April 2013, by Mark Turner

"Just in time for spring: a wildflower app from the Burke Herbarium" read more...
Seattle Times, April 16, 2013, by Lynda Mapes

"The identification key is simple to use, the outstanding photos make distinguishing between different species easy, and the number of species covered across different habitats is really impressive."
Catherine Hovanic, Executive Director of the Washington Native Plant Society, April 4, 2013

"Washington Wildflowers: A New Standard in Wildflower Smartphone Apps." read more...
Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens, April 1, 2013

"There’s an “app” for that too. High Country Apps has developed an inexpensive ($10) mobile field guide called “Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflowers.” Designed for the tablet, smartphone, or Kindle, the app functions without a phone signal and is well-suited to field use." read more...
NPS Park Science Magazine, March 22, 2013, by Jeff Selleck

"A Columbia Falls native and botanist has developed a new wildflower identification app for Glacier National Park and surrounding wildlands." read more...
Hungry Horse News, February 20, 2013, by Chris Peterson

"We selected three reviewers to explore the app and report back to us, one interpretive ranger, one resource specialist, and one guide from a partner organization. Reviewers found that the app was easy to use and deemed it appropriate for professional guides as well as novice nature enthusiasts. They liked the search key which allows the user to select flower color, leaf type, and other characteristics to quickly identify unknown plants." read more...
Yellowstone Science, Fall 2012, Volume 20, Issue 2

"Utah Wildflower Guides: Steve Hegji, author of Wasatch Wildflowers has created a Smart Phone app for wildflowers on the Wasatch Front. Be sure to check it out!" read more..., July 5, 2012

"Wondering what that beautiful rose-pink flower is that's blooming close to the ground? There's an app for that, thanks to the collaboration of Bozeman residents Katie Gibson and Whitney Tilt, who formed a new business a year ago called High Country Apps." read more...
Billings Gazette, June 24, 2012, by Brett French

"As a confirmed bibliophile and borderline luddite, I'm apprehensive about diving into new technology, such as iPhones, iPads, Kindles, and the like. But the world marches on, and I realize it may be time to see what all the hubbub is about. With new apps, such as Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflowers and Flora of the Wasatch by Al Schneider and Steve Hegji, my transition from bulky paper field guides to mobile form will be a lot easier. ...The advantage of the app format is portability & search-ability. Users can search for species by family or use the clever built-in "keys" to narrow the pool of potential taxa when identifying an unknown plant. " read more...
Sego Lily, Newsletter of the Utah Native Plant Society, July, 2012

"...I want to hype a really well designed and fun app called "Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflowers." The folks at High Country Apps are scientists first and designer/entrepreneurs second, but even so their app is the easiest I've used amongst the naturalist stuff out there-which is saying something, because I've blown cash on the Audubon bird guide and a few others. Rocky Mtn. Wildflowers is easier and more accurate for a bumbler like me, which is great!" read more...
Elevation Outdoors, June 12, 2012, Reviewed by Rob Coppolillo

"Bozeman Duo Brings Plant Knowledge to Your Phone"
Southwest Montana Business Journal, May 29, 2012, by Jason Bacaj

"Bozeman company High Country Apps has developed a wonderful new app, Flora of the Yellowstone Region. Having had a chance to play with a beta version of this app here at the IoE, we give it a big thumbs up! Developed using an innovative and easy to use interface, this app will help you identify flowers on the trail and a lot more."
Montana Institute on Ecosystems, A Montana University System Science Consortium, Bozeman, MT

User Reviews

"Excellent!" *****
"I'm no expert but this app has many more flowers specific to my mountainous southern and central Idaho region than any of my book guides. Easy to use and extremely convenient. A must have!"
by b3ll3fl3ur, Idaho Wildflowers (iOS), April 24, 2015

"Best flower identification app ever!" *****
"Every Oregonian who enjoys wildflowers should get this app. You can Id flowers by characteristics, create a lifetime list, and more. It's resident on your phone so you don't need wireless signal to use it. And this is science, folks, not some funky free thing that is worth what you paid for it (0)."
by ALSOregon, Oregon Wildflowers (Android), March 8, 2015

"Plant Lover's Paradise!" *****
"I own a few of High Country Apps and I must say I just love them all. Idaho Wildflowers is great with a lot of species compared to the other apps. Other than that...I would definitely recommend adding this to your digital field guide collection!"
by phillymo, Idaho Wildflowers (iOS), Jan 29, 2015

"Really neat!" *****
"Fantastic app! I use it on my iPod (no cellular needed). So far it's been useful in the Tahoe Sierra, gold country foothills/American River area, and the Sutter Buttes. The keying-out by characteristics works great. No need to select every characteristic. More than one choice per characteristic will often work when it's not clear (e.g. pink or purple flower? The leaf shape?) . Note the dwindling number of ID possibilities as you choose characteristics, and when you get down to one or a few species, look at the excellent photos and line drawings to confirm what you've found. Another approach to ID is to type what you guess might be the common name or family in the search box and look at what pops up. Interesting tidbits about traditional uses, etc. are fun to read. This app has mostly replaced my having to carry field guide books and my pack is lighter."
by Amriverfan - Yosemite Wildflowers (iOS), Dec 2, 2014

"Can't say enough good things about this app!" *****
"'m a professional botanist / plant ecologist in Wyoming and have used a couple of the other high country apps like wildflowers of Yellowstone etc. I love the interface, the different ways to sort plants and the plant maps and descriptions. I was so happy to see the addition of a grasses app to the series. I think that the level of detail is just right for determining how to identify the most common grasses and I love that the distinguishing characteristics are stated up front. I love the addition of the 'favorites' option to find frequently referred to grasses and the photos are helpful. I've used this app extensively to teach our wildlife crew the difference between western wheatgrass and slender wheatgrass, something that is not easy to do but was made easier by the helpful photos in this app."
by TDJ4 , Montana Grasses (iOS), Nov 2, 2014

"Best App for Plant ID in Oregon!" *****
"I love this app and reference it all the time. No need for cell phone service which is great while out in the field and the range maps are fantastic. Highly recommended!!"
by Botanical bill, Oregon Wildflowers (Android), October 5, 2014

"Best wildflower app!" *****
"I'm not a real botanist but I do have some training in plant taxonomy and I'm a bit of a fanatic about photographing and identifying native wildflowers. I have six other wildflower apps, so I've seen a lot of the good and the bad, and this Yosemite wildflower app just blows the rest of them away completely. I really wish These authors could take over the other California wildflower apps and do them up right for us - I'd be in heaven if I had access to this good of a guide for the wildflowers of the California deserts, the central coast, or the northwestern part of the state."
by gato4 - Yosemite Wildflowers, July 4, 2014 (iOS)

"Thank you for a great app!" *****
"It's like someone read my mind and made an app I had hoped for. Only better than I imagined. Photos are beautiful, and more importantly, useful. Thank you for enhancing my walks in Oregon."
by Shelsvo - Oregon Wildflowers (iOS)

"Thanks, Oregon State!" *****
"I have been using bird identification apps for a long time, and have been looking for a wildflower guide for Oregon with no luck. This is perfect. It's easy to search using different criteria, and it's fun to just browse and read the descriptions."
by Sperlia - Oregon Wildflowers (iOS)

"Great Tool for identifying Plants in the wild." *****
"I typed in my location and a couple of plant characters like flower color and leaf shape and my search was narrowed from nearly a thousand plants to just a few. Scrolled through the few that were left and voila! I found my plant. The photos are stunning. A handy feature is tapping on plant family description brings up all the plants in that family. Can't wait for the next app from the Oregon Flora Project."
by Troy Maddox - Oregon Wildflowers (Android), April 25, 2014

"Perfect for quick plant ID" *****
"This app is great. I found it easy to use and a great way to identify the plants you're most likely to see while out hiking in Oregon!"
by Kevin Weitemier - Oregon Wildflowers (Android), April 25, 2014

"Quick, easy, thorough, and gorgeous." *****
"A wealth of knowledge in your pocket! Customizable decision-tree allows you to narrow possibilities even if you lack characteristics or are uncertain. Fantastic for beginning botanists like myself. Gorgeous macro photos with black backgrounds and multiple angles for easy differentiation of features (Gerald D. Carr is prolific!). A wealth of knowledge in your pocket!"
by Daniel Mick, Oregon Wildflowers (Android), April 24, 2014

"I have absolutely loved it."
"I work as a hiking guide in Rocky Mountain National Park so I bring the iPhone version with me every day. I have absolutely loved it, and love that I no longer lug around the three or so guide books that it might have taken me to cover all the zones on a hike. I also do some classroom based sessions, and that's where I use the iPad version. After dealing with books for the last 25 years, all of which had some basic flaws, I love that an app overcomes almost all of them. Color photos and drawings, sorting and searching by zone, family, color, latin names, common names, etc, interesting facts that aren't adding weight, many more species without adding weight. Ok, I'm a geek, but I really love the app! "
by M. L., Colorado Wildflowers (iOS), May 30, 2013

"An invaluable guide to identifying Yellowstone flora" *****
"My wife and I have just returned from our fourth trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. While in Yellowstone, we were impressed with the search and identify functions, but some of the flowers we saw weren't included in the free version, so I downloaded the paid app. It's simple enough to look up a plant that you're interested in, and if you still have problems using the app, there's a helpful "How to use" section that explains things. The color photography of the different plants is very good, which really helps with identification of plants."
by J Chambers, Flora of Yellowstone (Kindle Fire), May 20, 2013

"Awesome!" *****
"This is already one of my favorite apps. The more plants the better, of course, so do please keep adding!"
by Jeff Compton, Glacier Wildflowers (Android), Jun 8, 2013

"Elegant and efficient!" *****
"I bought this wonderful app late last week before heading over to south central Washington (Bickleton area), from Seattle on a nature day "runaway." We went in pursuit of bluebirds and spring wild flowers and wide open spaces and were delighted to find that this app helped us quickly zoom in and narrow down the number of possibilities for our searches, and then confirm our wild flower ID's, easily and quickly. The search design and Mark Turner's beautiful, illustrative imagery are first rate. I highly recommend this app for any considering a Northwest wildflower outing. Combine it with the Peterson Birds of North America app on your iPhone and/or iPad, as well, and a pair of binoculars and you are set for a grand outdoor adventure. Strong work, Mark and team."
by Betheblacksheep, Washington Wildflowers (iOS), April 22, 2013

"Wish all apps were this good" *****
"Easy to use, extensive, accurate. More than wildflowers with some trees, ferns etc. Worth the price to have this much information in your pocket. Kudos to the developers."
by in2mtns - Colorado Wildflowers (iOS), April 19, 2013

"Thank you so much ..."
"Thank you so much for this beautiful & finely crafted guide! Having used a number of paper guides over the years, this app combines the best of photographic & drawn images with very clear scientific information, and adds the kind of historical and natural history information that enriches plant observing but which is too often buried on footnotes or is in the guide I didn't bring! This guide causes me to realize that divided information is like an interrupted conversation - and this guide allows the observation to continue as if the plant can tell me it's story much more directly. It's actually one of the few times I've felt a real connection with interactive media enhancing an experience, as part of the experience. "
by V in Pueblo, CO - Colorado Wildflowers (Android), Aug 26, 2012

"Great app!" *****
"This is a must-have app if you are into wildflowers along the Wasatch front. Well worth it. "
by Wasatch Nature Enthusiast - Flora of the Wasatch (iPhone), Version 1.3 June 28, 2012

"Perfect!" *****
"I love this! Now I don't have to wonder what I am seeing. It is great to id a flower or tree on the spot. The tidbits are helpful as well as descriptions. Thank you! "
by luv2mbike - Colorado Wildflowers (iPhone)

"Great app!" *****
"This is primarily a guide to plant identification, but it is very broad in scope and incredibly easy to use. One need not be a botanist to use the search function, which is very well laid out. It can be used not just to ID a plant that you have come across, but also to help you search for plants by habitat, season, elevation, and a variety of other characteristics. Photos and illustrations are very clear and instructive. This is a perfect example of how an app should be designed to take full advantage of the iPad interface. Highly recommended! "
by mzarn - Colorado Wildflowers (iPad), Version 1.1 May 20, 2012

"Wonderful." *****
"Finally an app for Colorado wildflowers. Rather than trying to figure out which of my wildflower books to bring on a hike I can just have my phone. The app covers alpine, subalpine, montane and foothills zones. Includes photos and drawings for help in identification. Search capability is good. I would like to see a place to enter notes on a plant, and also to enter where and whn I've seen a plant. But I still love app even without these capabilities."
by Maggie - Colorado Wildflowers (iPhone), Version 1.1 May 15, 2012

"Perfect for everyone!" *****
"Great application. Photos, tidbits and all of the information is much more than you can find in any one Wildflower book! Plus your phone fits in your pocket! It is also easy to use! Try it you won't be disappointed! "
by Priscilla - Colorado Wildflowers (iPhone), Version 1.1 May 17, 2012

"Solid." *****
"It's a really well designed search interface. Like any flower/tree app, that database isn't 100% complete. It would be nice if invasive species were give some kind of distinctive entry. But, this is the friendliest app I've found yet, and it's nice that it's focused on Colorado. "
by Mike - Colorado Wildflowers (iPhone), Version 1.1 May 14, 2012

"Easy to use." *****
"Easy to use. Highly recommend this app. "
by Kathleen - Flora of Yellowstone (iPhone), Version 1.2 May 23, 2012

"Very much needed app." *****
"I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. I am an avid hiker in the Yellowstone area and always enjoy identifying the flora I come across. I have it on my iPad now and will have to get an iPhone so I can carry a smaller device. Either will be easier to access than a book. In browsing through tis app I have found very informative photos and useful descriptions. I look forward to getting on the trail and making full use of this app. "
by Sylvie - Flora of Yellowstone (iPad), Version 1.2 June 1, 2012

"Easy to use, accurate" *****
"Beautiful application, easy to use, very nice HD pictures and in depth description of plant species. Just tap on the search by characteristics tab and discover the plant you are attempting to ID. I did not even need to know what family a flower, tree or shrub is in to discover what it is. Looking forward to seeing the future releases of flora in Colorado and Utah. "
by anonymous - Flora of Yellowstone (iPad), Version 1.0 May 1, 2012